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We've put together a few helpful documents that includes use cases, value propositions, resources, and whitepapers.

Case Study

Polarity Case Study: Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

End-to-End Triage of Atomic Indicators with Polarity

Use Case

Polarity for SOC

Polarity works by analyzing the content of a user’s screen and notifying the user about intelligence of interest helping to ensure that SOC analysts never miss the critical...

Use Case

Polarity for Responders

Polarity drives responders to make better and faster decisions, increasing productivity, and reducing the risk of a data breach going undetected – on unnecessarily prolonged...


Advancing Threat Hunting

The following whitepaper shows our perspective on the various phases of threat hunting.


How to Transition to Remote Life as a Security Professional

In order to effectively keep cyber threats at bay, you’ll first need to learn h...

Use Case

Polarity for Sales

The end-to-end sales process is riddled with challenges, from initial prospecting and engaging the best stakeholders to establishing rapport and closing deals...

Value Proposition

Saving Time with Polarity

An unescapable commonality between you and me is that we all have limited time on this Earth. I think this uncomfortable truth is part of the reason it is so p nful to be...


What is Polarity?

Polarity enables better decisions through on-screen overlays that give analysts contextual awareness. We use computer vision to recognize the content of users' screens and ...


Leveraging channel colors for instant data awareness

A recommendation on how to use the color picker in Polarity for rapid recognition.