Superhuman Data Awareness and Recall for Your Team

Whether you’re a cyber analyst looking for threats or a financial analyst doing research - Polarity improves decision making by allowing users to capture, recall, and share intelligence across any workflow.

Polarity otter recognizing entities


From any application, with the touch of a keystroke, you can annotate any string with information worth sharing or remembering. This could be notes on a customer, evidence from an investigation, or intelligence on a threat.

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Capture What to Recognize

Here are some examples of what Polarity users often add to the collective memory.

Capture What to Overlay

Polarity users often capture notes from their analysis or organization specific intelligence, sometimes they also connect Polarity to institutional knowledge repositories or external intelligence sources.


Polarity then recognizes what your team has annotated.

Computer Vision

By working at the pixel level, Polarity can enable collaboration across any workflow. Polarity instantly integrates the collective memory data with your entire team and toolset.


Polarity can recognize any arbitrary string, even data that would not typically be identified with traditional entity extraction or natural language processing techniques.


The HUD - Polarity incorporates your teams annotations into an actual heads-up display for their desktops that draws directly on their screens to give them superhuman data awareness and recall without affecting their existing workflow.


Polarity overlays give users awareness of contextual information related to what they are working on, improving decision making, and reducing mistakes.


Spend less time switching between applications because Polarity can overlay contextual information you would have otherwise searched or looked up.


The collective memory grows over time and users choose what channels of data they subscribe to. Users configure the overlay to identify what institutional knowledge is actionable vs informational.


The Polarity user community has built over 100 open sourced integrations for the whole community to use. When users subscribe to integration data they are able to leverage that data as part of the overlay across all of their tools and workflows.

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